About us

About Bellamy’s Organic

Bellamy’s Organic Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company that produces only 100% certified organic foods, all of which are made in Australia.

Established in 2004 as a family-operated company, it was the first to offer an organic baby formula to Australian mothers and has grown to be the number 1 selling organic baby formula in Australia.

Bellamy’s Organic was purchased by Tasmanian Pure Foods Pty Ltd (TPF) in 2007. TPF is a small and dynamic company that supports the ideals of promoting healthy lifestyle through it's involvement in Tasmanian produce and food companies that showcase Tasmania’s clean food ethic. TPF is privately owned by a small group of experienced professionals, most of whom reside in Tasmania. The Chief Executive Officer of Bellamy’s Organic is a mother of two children and is the company’s longest serving employee.

Bellamy’s Organic mission is to provide a Pure Start to Life for babies and young children everywhere and we are passionate about promoting Mindful Eating practices in our children.

Mindful Eating is simply the idea that we should think about what we eat, choosing fresh or organic foods over highly processed ones. We think that this sets up healthy eating habits for a healthy life.

Where We Live:

Bellamy’s is based in the small town of Launceston, Tasmania, an island of 512,000 people situated off the south-eastern edge of the Australian continent.

You may not know that Australia has the largest area of Certified Organic land of any country in the world, at over 110,000 km2 (11 million ha). This area is growing rapidly as more farmers convert to organic. It may surprise you to learn that over 50% of all beef produced in Australia is organic and that three in every four purchases of organic food in Australia are from supermarkets.

About Tasmania:

  • The island is about 68,000Km2 (approximately double the size of Hainan Island 33,920km2)
  • 49% of the island is covered by pristine wilderness.
  • There are only 7.5 people per square km, (Hainan has 254.7 people per square km)
  • Tasmania is sometimes known as “The Apple Isle” for the quality of the fruits it produces. This reputation extends to it’s dairies and fisheries, too.
  • Tasmania is closer to the Antarctic (3,400km) than Australia's most westerly capital city, Perth (4,000km)
  • Prevailing weather comes from the pure southern ocean, blessing the island with some of the cleanest air and rainwater on the planet.